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Where to adopt from


Homeless dogs and cats are a big problem in Moscow 

as there aren't many people who are willing to take care of them....... 

Selling Kittens    There are few Western-style Societies (with the exception of VITA) that aim to protect the interests of animals in Russia, and there are a growing number of licensed (and unlicensed) shelters, mostly in private apartments.


Please think twice before buying a puppy or kitten at Moscow's infamous Ptichy Rynok (Bird Market) - it was closed down at the end of 2002 but has since relocated to another site further out. Most of the people selling animals there have no license to do so and often the animals are not their own.   Furthermore, a large number of animals sold there are sick and often require extensive veterinary treatment. Besides that, your supposedly pedigree puppy can turn into something completely different when it grows up... 


But if you would rather give a new home to a homeless puppy or kitty that has been checked, treated for worms and comes with free vaccinations, please read on - we might just have the ideal solution for you!!!

If you're thinking about getting a pet please think about adopting from the shelters we support!


We support various dog and cat shelters for homeless dogs and cats in Moscow run by private individuals with a very kind heart and a passion for animals:

  • All dogs and cats have been de-wormed and have undergone a veterinary check-up. 

  • If you decide to adopt an animal from either the dog or cat shelter, it will be vaccinated free of charge.

  • You will also be supplied with free export papers once or if you leave Russia, and you get a 50% discount on any surgery your new four-legged friend might require in the future.

There are usually around 25 dogs and puppies and 30 cats and kittens at the dog and cat shelter respectively, and every single one of them would love to go to a new home - the sooner the better!

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