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Moscow Animals Advice Center

Pet Boarding, Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers

Need to board your pet while you travel? Looking for a dog walker? Then please read on...

Julia's Dog Hotel

If you are planning to go on vacation and don't have anybody to take care of your dog or cat while you're away, or if you have a dog that needs to be walked during the day while you're at work, please have a look at the information provided below - these are people who have been recommended to Moscow Animals.

If you know of other pet sitters or boarders that you can recommend, we would love to hear from you! You can send the details to

Please remember that boarding spaces are always limited and you need to make reservations early, particularly for holiday periods and in summer months.

Vets Yuri & Valeria Shishmaryov, Tel.: 694-03-88 or 8-901-539-39-56 (English & Russian). Yuri & Valeria can arrange a limited number of boarding spaces through their network of trusted pet sitters.

Liuda Shitova

Liudmila (Liuda) Shitova, Tel.: 8-916-134-66-59 (Russian and some English), e-mail: . Liudmila and her family are friends of vets Yuri & Valeria. Liudmila has been helping expatriate families with pets for quite a while now. She can board dogs and cats at her home in central Moscow (near Sukharevskaya Metro), or she can stay at your home while you travel to take care of your pets. Liuda and her husband can also pick up pets from your home and bring them back upon your return. She has just (October 2007) boarded a dog that was rescued through Moscow Animals and has been doing an absolutely wonderful job with her!

Here are some other recommendations for Liuda from 2007:

"To Whom It May Concern: Ludmilla Shitova, phone number 8 916 134 6659, has worked for us from December 2006 to August 2007. She has looked after our extremely whimsical and physically strong bulldog, Winston. She has done her work well indeed. She has treated him as a member of the family and has catered to his every individual need with love and patience. During the winter months it was very difficult for her to get Winston to wear his coat and shoes. She managed to put them on every single day without mishap. She has fed him and cleaned him with utmost care, coaxing him for long on days when he has not had an appetite for his food. Winston sings well and Ludmilla is a professional pianist with a degree from the Moscow Conservatory. Every single day she insisted on playing for Winston. She took great pride in his singing and she never ever failed to xbravo' him at the end of his recitals. She taught him to sing to rhythm which he was not able to do before. She stayed in our apartment with Winston when both my husband and I were away together. She came to us with good references and is entirely trustworthy. We have been away many times and our holidays were always stress free because we knew Winston and our apartment were well looked after. Ludmilla speaks fluent English. She plays the piano for dinner parties. She is extremely well-mannered and pleasant. She is looking for a housekeeping job. She is also willing to work as a dogsitter/dogwalker. I wish her the best in her future endeavors. She really deserves the best." (Debjani Sengupta )

"February 2, 2007, To whom it may concern: Liudmila Borisovna Shitova (nasha 'Lyuda') worked for my partner and I in the position of housekeeper from 27th April 2006 though to 28th February 2007. Having arrived in Moscow with little previous experience of living in Russia, we were lucky to have had Liudmila recommended to us by a third party. In the capacity of housekeeper Liudmila has been of enormous help to us. Liudmila's duties initially covered washing and ironing clothes, cleaning our flat and taking care of our dog. All of these jobs she completed with thoroughness and with a professional manner. Our flat was always kept in an immaculate condition, and it was a pleasure to come back to in the evenings. However in time Liudmila came to take on many other responsibilities, often without it being demanded of her. This would include tasks such as repairing clothes, cleaning windows and doing various shopping stops. As well as carrying out the main parts of her job as covered above, Liudmila has also been an enormous help to us in settling in Moscow. As can be imagined it is not always an easy place to live, particularly with the language barrier that is a part of living in Moscow. However Liudmila has always shown an enthusiasm to help us with everyday problems. Liudmila was instrumental in dealing with nearly all our utility issues including electricity, telephone, and internet connection. She was also extremely helpful translating when we needed to discuss matters with our concierge, building guards and landlord. Liudmila has proved herself to be most reliable. She is always on time and extremely hardworking. We have also found Liudmila to be absolutely trustful in every aspect. She records her hours most diligently and has handled many payments for us e.g. for utility bills etc with complete honesty. On a more personal note, we can say that Liudmila has been a true friend to us. In what can be a trying place to live it is a great comfort to have an English-speaking friend with local knowledge and language to help from day to day. Liudmila was particularly fond of our dog and the dog was equally fond of Liudmila. When our dog sadly passed away, Liudmila was of great help to us, both in dealing with vets and hospitals and also in giving us support and comfort in a very trying time. I can heartily recommend Liudmila in the capacity of housekeeper and furthermore also as a good friend in Moscow. We will both miss Liudmila's positive, hardworking but fun attitude when we leave." (Peter Keev and Tatjana Peeck)

Irina Bolshakova, Tel.: 8-499-127-39-94 (Russian only). Irina has been taking care of pets (rescued cats and dogs and her own – adopted – pets) for many years.  If you live near a metro station, she can come to your home to take care of your dogs and cats while you travel.  She can also accept vaccinated and sociable cats for boarding at her apartment.

Here are some recommendations for Irina from 2006/2007:

"I would like to recommend Irina Bolshakova, for pet sitting.   We asked her to pet sit for us, our original sitter canceled at the last minute.  She was so sweet about it, she came over to meet our pets, a very large dog and a cat, the very next day and I could tell she was very good by the way she handled them.  She was very thorough and professional.  She came to our apartment three times a day for a week and took excellent care of our pets and the apartment. We paid her $8.00 a visit for such short notice." (Debbie Vande Wall)

"I would like to recommend Irina Bolshakova, for pet sitting. She is our regular pet sitter. We have a rather large and energetic dog that we recently adopted who Irina handles masterfully. When we travel, Irina comes to our home and takes our dog on a walk three times a day for an hour as well as feeds and combs the dog and gives him all of his medication and vitamins. When Irina came over to meet our dog we could tell right away that she knew what she was doing and our dog is always very happy to see her." (Jean Millwee)

"Experienced pet-owner Irina Bolshakova will take care of your pets while you are traveling. Irina can either take care of your pets in her own apartment or - if needed - she can also feed and walk them at your place (in the center of Moscow within Garden Ring). Professional care, attention and home comfort for your cat or dog are guaranteed. Years of experience taking care and communicating with animals. Recommendations from foreign clients are available. Irina has been taking care of pets (mostly cats) and placing them in good homes (mainly expatriate community) for years. We adopted our two cats from her." (Kate Harner)

Lidia Pavlova, Tel.: 962-31-69 (Russian only). Lidia and her husband Volodya are retired and love animals.  They have a (vaccinated) cat of their own, and accept cats for boarding at their apartment (near metro Preobrazhenskaya).  Small dogs may be an option; please discuss this with Lidia directly.  Both Lidia and her husband speak Russian only.  Lidia boarded and took care of three rescued kittens for Moscow Animals this year, and she did a really great job!   Cats (and dogs) must be vaccinated.

Here is a recent recommendation for Lidia:

"The last issue of Fun Stuff (http://www.livinginmoscow.ru/Guide/Funstuff/funstuff.html) included mention of cat (and small dog) care by Lidia Pavlona.  I have availed myself of her services and was totally satisfied with the way she cared for my two cats.  Firstly, Lidia Pavlovna herself is a very jovial woman. Secondly, she and her husband, Vladimir Vasilievich, love animals.  And, thirdly, she accepted my two cats with open arms and seemed to fall in love with them - one of my cats even slept every night at Lidia Pavlovna’s feet.  Lidia Pavlovna also made sure that my two cats got on well with her cat, Antosha. On a second stay at her house, my cats felt immediately at home - as if they were happy to go back to visit Lidia Pavlovna and Antosha." (Don)

Olga Krylova. My name is Olga Krylova and I would like to offer my services for free to help watch your animals and live at your apartment while you are away on vacation or traveling.
I am in my last year at Moscow State Pedagogical University and enjoy animals (I live outside of Moscow, in Korolev, so the opportunity to live in Moscow and ease my commute to university and work is all the payment I ask). I am not looking for money but for a way to save my time, so if you have a dog and don't live in the center or at least close proximity to a subway station I'm afraid I won't be able to help. I would be happy to provide four references upon request. You can reach me at or 8-926-207-2248

Here is a recommendation for Olga we received in December 2007 from Chris Council and Erika Niedowski:

Over the past year (2007) a wonderful young woman has been helping care for our cats while we away from Moscow and traveling. Olga is a student in her last year at university and speaks perfect English. She has watched our cats (all 3 of them) on numerous occasions over the past year and is very responsible, reliable, clean and trustworthy. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a cat sitter. And the best part is that Olga will care for the cats for free - in return, she only asks to stay at your apartment while you away (she lives far outside the city and has a very long commute, so living in the center of Moscow is a great benefit for her). If you would like a reference for Olga, please contact Chris Council at .

Julia's Dog Hotel (submitted by Astrid Rejding). We would like to recommend Julia and Konstantin, who board dogs at their dacha near Krasnogorsk / along Novo-Rizhskoye Shosse), ca. 1 hour from Moscow. The place is very nice and clean. Julia speaks German (she used to work as a cleaning lady and nanny for German families). They only accept dogs and have outside and internal facilities. They charge 300 to 350 rubles per day (per dog), excluding food. For more information please contact: Julia (Russian, German) at Tel.: 8-916-880-26-09 or Konstantin (Russian) at Tel.: 8-916-880-25-80, Website: http://www.alvas.ru/ps.htm, E-mail: . Julia and her daughter will also feed cats in Moscow. They charge US$ 5.00 per visit. Please click here to access a page with photos from Julia's Dog Hotel (kindly provided by Astrid for publication on this website).

Anatoly Smirnov (Dog Walker), Tel.: 8-919-960-10-44 (Russian, limited English). Anatoly Smirnov has been walking expat dogs in Moscow for many years. He currently has some vacancies, so if you have a dog that needs to be walked during the day, please contact him. Depending on where you live, he can also take care of dogs at your home when you travel.

Here is a recommendation for Anatoly:

"Anatoly has been walking my dog Toby every weekday since last September. He has been dog walking as a retirement job for several years, and can give outstanding written references from other expatriates. He would like to take on new clients and dogs, as some of his expat four legged friends have moved on in the last months. My dog adores him for his kindness and gentleness. Anatoly is a retired engineer, and is completely trustworthy; he is always on time, and can take care of my dog when I am away. He has long had the key to my apartment." (Sandra Moulands)