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Pet Shops & Salons


  Russians love animals, so it is not surprising that pet food and supplies are available everywhere in Moscow. You can purchase essential canned and dried food and cat litter at almost every local supermarket (limited selection and rather expensive). For more delectable treats, better prices, and accessories, go to one of the numerous specialized pet stores that carry a full range of pet food and supplies - including special diet foods (such as Hill's Science Diet), veterinary medications, cat litter, toys, scratching posts, cat and dog kennels, etc. 


There are lots of them all over town (a few addresses are provided below).  Most pet stores are open seven days a week. Pet food and supplies are more expensive in Moscow when compared to Western Europe and North America. If you want to save money, you can buy regular pet food from specialized kiosks at many of Moscow's wholesale food markets. Good pet food and supplies stores are:

  • Beethoven Pet Supermarket

This is Moscow's largest and newest pet supermarket.   This huge, clean, bright, well-sorted and well-stocked store has everything for every kind of pet, including all kinds of imported pet food (huge choice of Hill's Science diet - dry and canned, all special diets such as w/d, i/d, s/d and c/d), accessories, and a large veterinary medications section. Prices are a lot cheaper than at any supermarket. Beethoven is open seven days a week. They offer discount cards, and parking is available in front of the store.


Beethoven Belyaevo
Ulitsa Miklukho-Maklaya d.18, Building 1
Leninsky Prospekt d.49
Metro Belyaevo or Metro Leninsky Prospekt
Access from Ulitsa Bardina

click here for Metro Map

Tel: 335-89-00, 135-44-01, 135-40-69, 135-41-13

  • Pet Food Store
    Ulitsa Profsoyuznaya d.19
    Metro Profsoyuznaya

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  • Pet Food Store Priroda Rossii
    Varshavskoye Chausse d.16
    No metro close by
    Tel: 954-93-61

  • Pet Food Store Priroda Rossii
    Leninsky Prospekt d.68/10
    Metro Universitet
    Tel: 930-59-26

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Dog & Cat Grooming Salon


Dog & Cat Grooming Salon "Gracy"
Ulitsa Plyushikha d.53
Metro Park Kultury and Smolenskaya
Tel: 248-48-84

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Western-style grooming salon, offers all kinds of grooming services for dogs and cats, including washing and cutting of claws. They also sell a large variety of dog and cat accessories, including baskets, brushes, shampoos, dog and cat food, bowls, scratching posts, toys, bones and treats, etc. The salon is open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 8pm, and on Sundays from 10am to 6pm. If your dog needs grooming, 


Gracy recommends making an appointment 1 1/2 weeks in advance. Washing and cutting of claws can normally be arranged without prior reservation. If you do not speak much Russian we recommend you get a Russian-speaker to make the appointment for you.




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