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Moscow Animals Advice Center

Recommended Vets & Veterinary Clinics in Moscow

Dr. Yuri Shishmaryov, DVM & Valeria Shishmaryova
Dr. Shishmaryov is associated with the Movet Veterinary Clinic

Tel.: (+7 495) 694 03 88 home)
Tel.: 8 901 539 39 56 or 8 916 044 63 33 (cell, when calling from within Russia)
Tel.: +7 901 539 39 56 or +7 916 044 63 33 (cell, when calling from abroad)

Dr. Yuri and Valeria Shishmaryov are husband and wife: Yuri is a state-licensed vet, and Valeria is a professional interpreter who speaks fluent English. They make house calls and will come to see you together, so there won’t be any communication problems. They have been working with expatriate pet owners in Moscow for over twelve years.

Yuri & Valeria's services include:

  • House calls and emergency visits (including Rosinka, Pokrovsky Hills, Serebryanny Bor and other residential compounds outside of town).
  • General examinations and procedures carried out at your house.
  • All vaccinations.
  • Microchips.
  • All required veterinary travel documents (international travel passports, health certificates, blood tests, etc.) for the export of pets from the Russian Federation.
  • Preparation of pets for the UK's PETS Travel Scheme, travel to European Union countries, Japan, etc.
  • Assistance with import permit applications for your destination country.
  • Laboratory tests, X-rays, ultrasounds, and all kinds of surgery (carried out at a state-licensed veterinary clinic).
  • Veterinary dental services.
  • Pet travel services: Yuri and Valeria have been dealing with international pet travel for over thirteen years and are Moscow's number one English-speaking pet travel specialists.
  • Airport assistance: Escort of pets and their owners to Sheremetyevo 2 and Domodedovo airports and assistance with export customs formalities for pets. Meeting of pets and their owners at Sheremetyevo 2 and Domodedovo airports and assistance with import customs clearance and import registration.
  • Pet cargo shipments: Handling of pet cargo shipments to/from Moscow (Sheremetyevo 2 and Domodedovo airports), including transportation of pets to/from the airport and export/import customs clearance in Russia.
  • If you are looking to adopt or buy a dog or cat, Yuri and Valeria will help you choose a suitable pet for your family.

Here are some recommendations for Yuri & Valeria we have received over the years:

We have arrived in Winston-Salem, North Carolina (USA). Just wanted to tell you of the fantastic personality and "not a moment of hesitation" help from Valeria with our cats. When we arrived at Sheremetyevo, Valeria went straight to work creating the needed documents for the cats, took us through to check-in after all the security and everything was flawless. She never showed a moment of concern, stress or being in a hurry. The people at the Delta desk know Valeria very well as do all that we encountered through the process. Her conversation with us was affirming of decisions we had made as well as case stories of animal exports. Other than having a rebellious young male cat in my supervision (about 6 hours into the 11 1/2 hour flight) all was as close to perfect as possible. Thank you for the suggestion of Valeria and her husband to direct the export processes for the cats. We have been very, very lucky! We have had the help of experienced professionals who appreciate details and helpful procedures. - Carolyn Coram, Move from Yelets, Russia to the United States, August 2007

"I am writing to express our thanks for the extra time and attention Valeria Shishmaryova has given to the relocation of our dog named 'Max'. We were very impressed with Valeria's professional ability, knowledge of Russian law, as well as with the amount of care and attention she's given our dog. I would highly recommend the services offered by Valeria Shishmaryova."
- Alexei Martynov, Hampshire, United Kingdom, January 21, 2007

"Yuri and Valeria have helped me during the past five years. Five times per year, I travelled to Switzerland with my little dog, and always the papers were in perfect order. I never had any troubles. And they always came to my house when the dog was sick and kept him in perfect condition with all their good advice." - Johanna Hartong, May 16, 2006

"I wanted to thank you for your recommendation of Dr. Yuri Shishmaryov and his wife Valeria. Absolutely amazing couple. My dog, Murphy, was peaceful for the first time in his life while getting examined and receiving his yearly shots. Fabulous for me to witness and reassuring to have them to watch over Murphy's health while we're in Moscow." - Michelle Michalenko, August 20, 2005

Movet Veterinary Clinic
Ulitsa Vasilisy Kozhinoy d.23 (Metro Filyevsky Park)
Tel.: 142-01-04, 142-01-05

Contacts at Movet:
Dr. Lena Gauss, DVM (English & Russian)
Tel.: 301-50-90 (home), 8-926-214-32-34 (cell)

Dr. Alexander Tkachov-Kuzmin, DVM (English & Russian)  
Tel.: 142-01-04 (clinic)

Here is a recommendation for Dr. Lena Gauss:

"On 15.2.2007, I took a cat to Dr. Elena Gauss at Movet for a sterilisation and was very pleased with the result. I can highly recommend Dr. Gauss and would anytime go back to her if I had to have another animal sterilised or treated for something else while I am in Moscow.  Dr. Gauss speaks English and is a very professional and friendly lady." - Brigitte Horne, February 16, 2007

Here is a photo of the cat Brigitte had sterilized by Lena in what to Brigitte referred to as the cat's "Gucci" dress:

Cat with Dress after Sterilization

Movet's services include:
  • Health checks and treatment (all types) by general veterinary practitioners and veterinary surgeons.
  • X-rays, ultrasounds, endoscopy, ECG.
  • Laboratory tests (all types).
  • Vaccinations (all types).
  • Microchips.
  • Spaying, neutering, de-clawing and all other surgical procedures.
  • Preparation of travel documents and vaccination certificates and all other tests required for pets on the move.
  • In-house pharmacy selling de-worming drugs, vaccines, flea and tick control products, grooming aids and pet food.
  • Consultation on weight control, special diets, showing, grooming, sale and purchase of domestic and exotic pets.

Movet is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Natalia Potapochkina, DVM, Veterinary Surgeon
Tel.: 468-61-59 or 8-916-646-42-71

Natalia Potapochkina specializes in the sterilization and neutering of cats and dogs, has a particular interest in helping homeless animals and has been working with the shelters Moscow Animals supports. She does not work at a clinic and will therefore come to your home to operate on your pet. In addition to sterilization and neutering, Natalia also offers other kinds of surgical procedures such as micro-laparoscopy, C-sections, hernia correction, pyometra (infection of the uterus; please visit http://www.marvistavet.com/html/body_pyometra.html for more information on this condition) and intestinal surgery. She can also remove dew-claws, which are quite common in stray/rescued dogs. Natalia speaks only Russian.

Tsentr Veterinary Clinic
Tsvetnoy Bulvar d.11, Building 1
Metro Tsvetnoy Bulvar
Tel.: 621-63-76, 621-65-65

Full service veterinary clinic right in the heart of Moscow. Open 24 hours a day. Services include therapy, surgery, vaccinations, ophthalmology, physiotherapy and laboratory services. They also handle exotic animals. A small pet food store is located right next to the clinic.