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Art for Animals & Children:
The 1st Moscow Animals &
Nastenka Foundation
Art Auction & Souvenir Sale was held on
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at Gorny Universitet!

Our first big ever Moscow Animals & Nastenka Foundation art auction and sale took place on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 from 6.30 to 9.30 p.m. at Gorny Universitet (MGGU)! We are extremely grateful to Valery Valentinovich Morozov (Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences and Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry) from Gorny Universitet (MGGU), for letting us use their premises FREE OF CHARGE! Thank you also to our sponsor TEAM Allied Russia!

Depsite us being a bit unorganized (we should have started setting up much earlier - lesson learned for the future), the auction was a big success and a lot of money was raised for both Moscow Animals and Nastenka Foundation! A full report will be sent to all participants in the near future and will also be available via our News page.

Thank you very much to everyone who in any way helped with or participated in the auction, including all guests, our artists, (all of whom made a donation to the event), our auctioneers Galina and Emilia, and all volunteers! We have never held such a big event (for us, it was big!), and the outcome was much better than any of us expected!!!

Art for Animals Continues!

We have many beautiful items (paintings, lithographs, etc. for sale to benefit Moscow Animals! If you are interested in buying any of these items to help support private animals shelters in Moscow, please contact us!

All prices are in RUR. Moscow Animals accepts cash only (no credit cards of checks) and cannot provide any receipts or documents for tax return purposes.

If you would like to contribute to "Art for Animals" by donating a piece of art (painting, poster, statue, Russian souvenir, etc.), please send an e-mail to with a photo of the item, your name and contact details, and the asking price. Please also indicate whether you would like to donate all or part of the proceeds from the sale of the item to Moscow Animals.

The names of everyone making a contribution to "Art for Animals" will be added to our Supporters page.

Kindly note that Moscow Animals cannot provide any receipts or export documents for items purchased. We also cannot deliver individual items (we do not have a driver or a car) and do not ship to other cities or countries.

Artwork and Items Currently Available for Sale to Benefit Moscow Animals

Shelter Paintings
Jasmine Nur's Paintings
Black & White Lithographs
Old Children's Paintings
Color Lithographs

Shelter Paintings

Paintings by Jasmine Nur

Black & White Lithographs

Old Children's Paintings

Color Lithographs

Various Smaller Paintings (1)

Various Smaller Paintings (2)

Various Smaller Paintings (3)

Photos by Dmitry Degtyarev

Photos by Tatiana Shchur

Gifts from Artists

Paintings by Nastya Perova

NB Gallery - New Donated Painting!