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NEW!!! Books, Movies and Music for Animals!
We have an extensive "library" of used and new books, DVDs and CDs in various languages, all of which are available for sale to benefit Moscow Animals.

We have over 1,500 books, 80 DVDs and over 150 music CDs that were kindly donated to us for sale, and our "library" is now finally open! To see Excel files with detailed lists of the books, DVDs and CDs, please click on the pictures in the first table row below. Further down you can look at the covers of all the books we have in a separate Picasa album - the photos match the numbers in the Excel book file.

For DVDs, we have tested for languages but do not know whether your DVD player will support the particular region, so when ordering DVDs it's best if you have an all-region DVD player. Most of the DVDs marked "Original" are either from the United States, Canada or Germany and may not play on a Russian-zone DVD player.

If you are interested in buying any of these items to help support private animals shelters in Moscow, please contact us, clearly indicating the number of the item(s), title(s), author(s), box number(s) (for books only) etc. and provide us with your contact details! Items must be picked up from the Allied office near metro Yuzhnaya (a map in Russian and English will be provided upon request (no delivery, sorry)! Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm, working days only. And please give us one or two days to put your order together. First come, first served!

All prices are in RUR. Moscow Animals accepts cash only (no credit cards of checks) and cannot provide any receipts or documents for tax return purposes. Please provide the exact amount of your purchase - we may not have change available.

If you would have used books, DVDs or music CDs you no longer need (preferably in English, French, Spanish, German and other foreign languages) and would like to donate them to us, please send an e-mail to with your name and contact details. We will then figure out how to get the items from you (or how you can get them to us - we cannot, unfortunately, pick up just a few books or DVDs from your home).

Kindly note that Moscow Animals cannot provide any receipts for items purchased. We also cannot deliver individual items (we do not have a driver or a car) and do not ship to other cities or countries.

Items in red font have been sold!

Lastly, please note that this is not a lending library - ALL purchases are non-refundable (no exceptions made).

Books, DVDs and Music CDs Currently Available for Sale to Benefit Moscow Animals:

Book List
DVD List
Music List

Book List (Excel)

DVD List (Excel)

Music CD List

Book Box 1
Book Box 2
Book Box 3
Book Box 4
Book Box 5
Book Box 6

Books - Box No.1

Books - Box No.2

Books - Box No.3

Books - Box No.4

Books - Box No.5

Books - Box No.6

Book Box 7
Book Box 8
Book Box 9
Book Box 10
Book Box 11
Book Box 12

Books - Box No.7

Books - Box No.8

Books - Box No.9

Books - Box No.10

Books - Box No.11

Books - Box No.12

Book Box 13
Book Box 14
Book Box 15
Book Box 16
Book Box 17
Book Box 18

Books - Box No.13

Books - Box No.14

Books - Box No.15

Books - Box No.16

Books - Box No.17

Books - Box No.18

Book Box 19
Book Box 20
Book Box 21
Book Box 22
Book Box 23
Book Box 24

Books - Box No.19

Books - Box No.20

Books - Box No.21

Books - Box No.22

Books - Box No.23

Books - Box No.24

Book Box 25
Book Box 26
Book Box 27
Book Box 28
Book Box 29
Box 30

Books - Box No.25

Books - Box No.26

Books - Box No.27

Books - Box No.28

Books - Box No.29

Books - Box No.30

Glas Books
Glas Books
Glas Books

Books - Box No.31

Books - Box No.32

Glas Books