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(Dec-03). We are looking to find new homes Henrietta and Suzie as we are moving to a very small apartment from a spacious house:

Henrietta - 5 ½ years old, neutered female. Very good natured, have never noticed a mean bone in her body. Not very adventurous, which is a plus for some but I know there are owners who like a pet willing to take more "risks," if you know what I mean. She is totally up to date with shots, worms etc. and we have the med passport on her. Here she is: 

Suzie (Suzdal') - mostly Russian Blue, a very beautiful cat. She's 6 ½ years old and neutered. Incredibly intelligent, and adventurous. She patrols our neighborhood like she owns it, in spite of the fact that she is clawless on the front paws. She can be a little stand-offish with people, including owners, and is not as loving as Henrietta, but she never misses a trick as she's frighteningly bright. Here she is:


Now all they need is a new home - can you help?  


If you're interested in adopting Henrietta and / or Suzie then contact Rick Witt now on:




Hopefully chat soon!