Allied Pickford's warehouse has always attracted stray cats, and they have an unwritten policy that all cats and dogs that walk into their warehouse should be fed, cuddled and re-homed - recently (April 2004) two new kittens arrived.  They tend to arrive at 9.00 am on a Monday morning, so every time our warehouse announces, “You have a visitor!”, staff know it can only be another stray cat! 


These latest arrivals are both girls:  The first one, temporarily named “Liza” is a tiger (short haired), about five months old.  The second one is black and white (fluffy) and about 3-4 months old.  They have both been de-wormed, checked by vets and will be vaccinated free of charge if you decide to adopt one or both of them.  They are litter-box trained, and we are boarding them with experienced cat sitters in the centre of Moscow.    Photos of both these kittens are available by e-mail, but you should really go visit them to see how great they are!    As they are both used to company (dogs and other cats) by now, it would be great if they were either adopted together or if they would be adopted by a family or individual who already has another cat or dog that is looking for company.  

 To visit these kittens please email us here at for more information.