3 Kittens Looking for a Loving Home

We currently have the pleasure to host these three lovely little creatures at home. Initially they were 7 and were living in the streets of Moscow. Their mother tried to hide them and their 4 siblings under a car. Unfortunately the car owner didn't realize that .... so we have the mother and the remaining 3 of them at home. The mother will follow an English couple that have already moved to Germany, this is why we have Moma and her kittens. We are now trying to find a good home for the kittens as we have 2 own cats adopted a year ago from Yuri and Valeria.

Teddy and Tiger, two boys (left and right) and their very smart sister Spotty (in the middle) are approx 6 - 7 weeks old, litter trained and very gentle.  They have already been examined by a Vet and they are all healthy. Both Teddy and Tiger are very fluffy. Tiger has a broken tail and Teddy's tail is just about 1 cm which makes him look like a little brown bear.

If you like to adopt one or more, please contact Astrid and Lars at Tel.: 291-92-88, 103-78-85 (mobile) or e-mail: