Fluffy & Piff

We, Fluffy and Piff (both boys) are approx. 1 year old. Fluffy is almost completely ginger and Piff is ginger and white. We are looking for a new family who would adopt both of us, as we have to share our flat with two more family cats and two dogs. As we grew up on a roof with two more siblings and many more cats, as well as being used to animal company at our current home, we would love not to be separated. We are de-fleed, de-wormed, litter box trained and have aready got our first vaccination including rabies.

We are very friendly and cuddly and love to play with our toys. We don't like to climb up the curtains or furniture but prefer wrestling around on the floor.

If you are interested to meet us, please call us at 291-92-88 (Astrid) or 103-78-85 or send an e-mail to larsastridrejding@yahoo.com