(April 04)

Irina has rescued yet another kitten from certain death.    She found this kitten outside her apartment building in a very bad shape, its mother and four brothers and sisters were poisoned, and the kitten apparently hadn’t eaten in a long time.  

The kitten is now doing very well and has learned to eat on her own - when I picked the kitten up, she started purring immediately, and she also played with me.   Irina’s 5-year-old son has been taking care of her, along with Irina’s own cat, a huge white and very friendly former stray named Simba, so the kitten is used to both children and other cats.  Irina has de-wormed the kitten and one of her friends, who is a vet, has looked at it and pronounced it healthy.   The kitten is still too young to be vaccinated though, so that will still have to be done (when she’s about three months old).  Being as smart as the is, she is using Simba’s litter box. 

 If you would like to see or adopt this kitten and speak Russian, please call Irina at 127-39-94.  She lives close to Metro Akademicheskaya.   If you don’t speak Russian and are interested in Miss Kitty, then email us here for more information.