A few weeks ago we found a little cat in our courtyard. Somebody abandoned her. She is about three months old now and obviously lived with a family before.

Bella is white with a grey head and a black tail, she is very cute and trusting and needs a lot of love and caressing. We have taken her inside our apartment and had her checked out by a vet immediately. Bella needed surgery for a hernia, which she apparently sustained when being kicked by someone. The surgery was done about three weeks ago and has been extremely successful! Thanks to vet Lena Gauss from Movet, who did the operation, Bella will be absolutely fine.

While I have really fallen in love with Bella and would love to keep her, to my great regret my own cat does not get along with her. She is an older cat that has always been an only pet, and she is very unhappy with having a second cat around. I am therefore reluctantly looking for a loving new owner for Bella.

If you are interested in meeting little Bella, please contact Gisela (German, English & Russian) at Tel.: 763-18-88 mobile or send an e-mail to