My name is Felix.

I am a very loving kitty with classical black and white markings.

My veterinarian says I am a mixed breed Persian/Tabby, 16 months old,

I say, I am a people cat (I never met a human I didn't like).

My owner saved me from a cold Moscow street and gave me a small apartment that I graciously allow him to share with me as long as he pets me a lot.

I would like to catch those birds that fly onto my balcony, but the window glass keeps getting in my way. So I sit inside and watch them. I maintain my predatory instincts by keeping the apartment absolutely free of bugs and flies.

I eat dry cat food and love to nibble on pineapple leaves.

I am fully house-broken (like all of us cats!) and come equipped with a sanitary cat box, bed, and all my favorite toys.

If you would like to meet me, please contact Ken Moore at 411-30-86 (mobile), 291-83-00 (evenings) or 755-84-40 ext. 3275 (work). E-mail: