Lizochka was rescued from the street by one of the ladies from the Beethoven pet store on Leninsky Prospekt in February 2005. She was in a pretty bad shape, very emaciated, dehydrated, and scared. When we (Barbara and Tania) saw Liza at the store, we took her out of the cage she was sitting in, and she immediately started purring. The staff at Beethoven didn’t know what was wrong with her, and apart from de-fleeing and de-worming here, could do very little to help her. (The first photo was taken at Beethoven).

Two weeks later, she was still there, scared and thin, and we couldn’t bear to leave her sitting in the cage where she was frequently poked at by visitors. We asked vets Yuri & Valeria to pick Liza up from Beethoven, take her home, and examine her. It turned out that Liza had sustained a pretty bad head injury. It looked like somebody had hit her.

After many months of TLC from Yuri & Valeria and their four-legged friends, Lizochka is now doing very well and is ready to go to a loving new home. Liza is extremely friendly and loves people. If you let her, she will spend all day sitting in your lap, purring away. Due to the head injury, Liza cannot see very well, but this does not seem to bother her at all.

Liza gets along very well with other cats and with dogs. She has been sterilized and is litter box trained.

As she is still a bit scared of sudden movements and of noise, she would be best suited for a family without young children.

If you are interested in meeting Lizochka, please call Valeria (English & Russian) at 200-03-88 (home) or 8-501-439-39-56 (mobile).