Lyuba's Cat Shelter - new photos!

Lyuba has been rescuing stray cats and kittens for many years. She currently has ca. 40 adorable, loving adult cats and youngsters, the majority of which are up for adoption. Most of her female cats have been spayed - a rarity for shelters in Moscow. The cats include 15 cats Lyuba recently took in after an elderly lady who had rescued them passed away.t

We (Moscow Animals) and a number of other people who delivered donations or adopted a cat from this shelter are very pleased with the way Lyuba takes care of her cats - without any official support whatsoever. Lyuba lives near metro Vykhino, and you are very welcome to visit her. Donations for her cats, particularly cat food (canned and dry) and toys, will also be much appreciated.

If you would like to meet Lyuba's cats or would like to help her with donations, please call her (Russian only) at 8-499-741-57-72. If you do not speak Russian, you can also call Valeria (English & Russian) at 684-03-88 (home) or 8-901-539-39-56 (mobile) or Barbara (English & German) at 763-00-12 to make an appointment with Lyuba.

Here are some new photos of her cats that were recently taken by two teachers from the AAS who delivered much needed donations to Lyuba with money raised by AAS students. The last eight photos are from 2006.