Beautiful one year old (22nd-Oct-03) Margarita urgently needs a new and preferably long term owner because I've developed acute asthma and sadly she's the cause of it.  Margarita is mainly black with white patches on her belly. 

She's a small thing, in fact she looks like a ballerina. She's extremely friendly and affectionate. She isn't afraid of new people and surroundings. She's toilet trained too. Unfortunately, 2 months ago, Margarita fell out of a window and this has damaged her left hip. However, she's made a miraculous recovery and walks with a very slight limp.

Contact Liz Fishwick at     157-5561 (home) - after 10 pm Monday-Friday; 

                                        8-926-223-0063 (mobile) 

                                        258-9922 (work) - 10am to 7pm Monday to Friday.  

                                        E-mail: .