Dear friends,

My name is Marie. I am about six to seven months, and as you can see from the photos below, I am a "lucky" cat: Three-colored cats are considered to bring good luck in Russia, so maybe I can become your lucky charm?

I was found and rescued by the vets at the Movet veterinary clinic in December. I was very thin and had several injuries, including a broken tail bone. This is where Barbara found me when she visited and decided to take me home so that I could get socialized (at Movet I had to live in a small room and had little people contact). I am very friendly and affectionate and will spend a lot of time next to you, in your lap, on your desk, and - if you let me - next to your pillow.

My injuries are almost completely healed. I love to run and jump, and my favorite pastime is bringing back toy mice and balls that my keepers throw for me. I am, of course, litter box trained. A few weeks ago I was vaccinated and am now the proud owner of my very own pet passport.

I was sterilized on February 24.

I get along well with other cats and would love to go to a family with feline and/or canine companions!

If you would like to meet me, please contact Barbara (English, German, French & Russian) at 796-93-25 (work), 763-00-12 (mobile) or