Masyanya is 4 years old and is a very smart cat! When we’re at our dacha, she even accompanies us for walks. She is a quiet and very friendly cat and doesn’t mind meeting new people and children. Masyanya loves to play soccer or play with cat dancers. She eats almost everything and is very clean.

She has been great with our daughter Alina, no matter what she did with the cat, and we would never give Masyanya away if it weren’t for our child’s allergy (which might be asthma)!

Masyanya is a fantastic hunter and catches everything that moves, including mice (she has “delivered” up to five mice to us per day) and birds. When we talk to her, she replies, as if she understands us.

She could be a Persian-mix, her fur is about 6-8 cm long.

If you would like to give Masyanya a new home, please contact me, Igor Timofeev (Russian only) at Tel.: 785-19-78 ext. 21 656 (work), Tel. 8-916-522-27-98 or e-mail

English-speakers can send an e-mail to

She is currently living with my parents and their own cat at their dacha. My father speaks English, German and French, and my mother speaks Japanese (so Masyanya is a multi-lingual cat...)