Persian Beauty (a.k.a. "Delovaya")

This pure-bred Persian beauty walked into the Allied warehouse about two months ago. We have no idea where she came from - there are no residential buildings close to the warehouse, and the cat would have had to cross a 16-lang highway and walk half a kilometer to get to us, which seems very unlikely. She was wearing a flea collar and we could see that she recently had a hair cut (she looked like a little lion when we found her). The cat was very thin and hungry and started eating immediately. She was also very friendly and not afraid of people at all. We put up a lot of "Persian Cat Found" notices all around the closest residential buildings and the metro station, but no one ever called.

We have been boarding the cat, which has been nicknamed "Delovaya" ("Busy Lady"), with Olga & Sasha (the neighbors of our vets Yuri & Valeria). As no one has claimed her, she is now free to go to a good new home.

Delovaya is between 1 and 2 years old. She has been de-wormed.

She is very friendly and can go to a home with other cats. She may need her own litter box. She will need a special diet (Royal Canin dry food), and of course she will need regular brushing to keep her fur nice and pretty.

Delovaya has been sterilized on December 30th.

If you would like to give this Persian beauty a new home, please call Olga & Sasha (Russian only) at 200-03-08 or Valeria (English & Russian) at 200-03-88 (home) or 8-501-439-39-56 (mobile).