Ryzhik is about 3 ½ - 4 months old. He was rescued from the street about 1 ½ months ago, the only survivor of an entire batch of kittens that were born on the street. Ryzhik is very pretty, calm and quiet, a bit shy with strangers at first but very cuddly and loving once he gets to know you.

Irina, who rescued Ryzhik, has a six-year-old son; a small dog that likes cats; and three other cats – one big cat of her own, and two other rescued kittens (who are also on this site and looking for new homes), so Ryzhik is used to having company. He is litter trained.

If you would like to see or adopt Ryzhik and speak Russian, please call Irina at 127-39-94. She lives close to Metro Akademicheskaya. If you don't speak Russian and are interested in Ryzhik, please call Barbara at 796-93-25 ext. 104 (work) or 763-00-12 (mobile).