Sasha & Mysh

I am looking for a good new home for my very lovable cats Mysh & Sasha. Mysh is 6 months old, Sasha a little over a year. They are mother and daughter, very cute, loving, playful and interactive and very well behaved. Since I have a new job I have to travel a lot and have nobody to leave them with and the cats really need company.

They are very good at catching mice (I left them for some time at my mother's house in Podmoskovie, there the cats really scored well in catching mice). I would leave them with my mom, but she already has two cats and a dog.

Mysh & Sasha would be ideal for a house in suburbs.

They look almost identical (tiger-like, grayish-brownish colors) and tend to stay together all the time so if possible, they should be adopted together.

If you are interested in Sasha & Mysh, please contact Ekaterina Davydov (English & Russian) at Tel.: 8-916-385-7899 or e-mail