Seraphim (Sima)

Seraphim was rescued from a dacha settlement outside of Moscow several months ago and has been fostered by Katya Reznikova and her family (including six cats) for several months.

He is about 5 years old, has been neutered and is litter-box trained. He is very quiet and intelligent and can be left unattended during the day. He gets along well with other cats - and people.

He only has one eye - we don't know what happened to the other (left) eye, but he does not have any problems because of this and when you look at him, you hardly notice the missing eye. Otherwise Seraphim is completely healthy.

He would make a great family companion, and we hope that someone will want go give him a second chance!

If you would like to meet Seraphim, please contact Katia (English & Russian) at Tel.: 8-916-787-11-39 or e-mail: .

We live near metro Akademicheskaya in Southern Moscow.