Three Adorable Puppies Are Looking for New Homes

Five cute puppies – three girls and two boys – were born in a field outside our warehouse to a wild dog about two months ago. We have been feeding their mother and a couple of her friends for several years now, but they only visit us when they're hungry, and to our great regret, they are afraid of people. Mom took excellent care of her babies, was very protective of them and wouldn't let anybody go near them. On Friday, October 15 th , just before we arrived at work, she was run over by a car and unfortunately she did not survive the accident. We immediately rescued the puppies that were trying to get into the busy street where their mother was, and they have now been given a temporary home at Katia's dog shelter (near metro Kurskaya).

The puppies are all healthy, have been de-wormed and are very friendly and playful, as well as pretty (just look at their little faces)! They are not aggressive and not scared of people and would be suitable for a family/families with children. If you adopt one (or more) of our little friends, you get free vaccinations from our vets Yuri & Valeria. According to an estimate by Katia and vet Yuri, they will grow up to be mid-sized dogs.

Two puppies have already been adopted but three are still looking for new owners.

If you are interested in visiting the puppies, please call Katia at 916-45-56 (Russian only), Barbara at 763-00-12 (English, German & Russian) or Tatiana at 8-916-902-87-57.