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Here is the story of Atos


Atos - nowI found Atos about 2 years ago in the house where I live. He was a small, cute and very unhappy puppy, shaking from the cold, about 1 month old left by cruel people without food in a strange place.  My neighbors were feeding him but nobody dared to take him home.  My boyfriend also said that it was too much responsibility for us to a have a dog and what was more significant that he disliked all dogs. But I kept thinking and talking about that poor puppy.


Finally, my boyfriend called our office and asked security whether they wanted to have a dog / buddy. Fortunately for Atos security guard on call was a man who is crazy about animals and has two dogs and a cat at his apartment.  Of course he did not allow us to leave the puppy homeless so the next day we brought  “Atosik” to his new home. Our office was the perfect place for him, with a garden to walk around in and a small room to sleep in. Not everybody liked the idea of having a dog in the  office, but finally everybody got accustomed to him. Atos has been living with us for about 2 years being a good guard  and a loyal friend.


Now he is an adult, smart, strong and really nice animal.


Atos - as a puppy The problem is that our building will be demolished soon and we have no place for Atos. Nobody can (or wants) to take him home and be responsible for his life. My  friend doesn’t  want  to  have a  dog  in  our  apartment,  and  I  understand  myself  that  being  busy  with  my work  roughly  10 to 11  hours  a  day  I  can’t  be  a  good  owner  for  Atos. 

If you would like to give Atos a new home, please contact 

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