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Please meet Odin and Freya!!


      They are only one and a half months old (born in the middle or end of August 03) and are thought to be half Rottweiler and half Riesenschnauzer. They came from a litter of 15 puppies


Odin is the black and tan one and Freya, the brown/wheat coloured one, is his clever sister. Odin and Freya are right now already getting anti-flea treatment and in the process of being dewormed, and vaccinated. They have been staying with us since 8 October, and seem to be a couple of cheerful, healthy and well-behaved, easy-going puppies. And, of course, absolutely gorgeous!


We will need to find a home for them by the latest mid November.


They will have had a proper check-up by acertified vet. If someone from outside Russia would be interested in having these wonderful dogs, our vet will be able to help with all the required documents.


Please, feel free to contact us for more information on Odin and Freya at



call +7 916 836-26-50 (8 916 836-26-50 from within Russia), in the evenings