Alisa was found on the street as few days ago. This very pretty girl is about 6 months old. She was running around our neighborhood together with a pack of dogs until she met my father, who was walking three of our own dogs.

She tagged along with him and my Dad brought her home to feed her. That’s when she decided to stay. Despite the fact that Alisa came from the street, she is very trusting, playful, friendly and unafraid of people. She is very easy to walk. Alisa is not afraid of the leash but is not quite yet used to it.

Alisa is very smart and is quickly learning new things. At home she behaves very well, sleeps all night and eats dry dog food. She is about 50 cm tall (knee height) and will not grow much taller. Her fur is soft and fluffy.

She is a great dog, but unfortunately we can’t keep her – we already have eight dogs (plus several cats and horses). We therefore hope to find a loving family that would like to adopt Alisa.

If you would like to meet Alisa, please contact Varvara or her father Alexei (both speak English and Russian) at Tel.: 144-80-75 or send an e-mail to