Rescued Girl

My friend, Alla, recently rescued a young dog (a girl, ca. 2 yrs. old) after it was hit by a car. She took it to the vet and they treated her but she will need further medical care. Right now she has a broken leg and needs to be cared for.

Alla and a very sweet babushka have been keeping her in the corridor of their building. My friend, Alla, already has two dogs and hasn't room for another. The babushka has health problems and cannot lift the dog or properly care for her.

Alla is leaving soon to go on a business trip (her dogs will be staying with her mother), and she would like to find a permanent home or even a foster home for this sweet dog. Please help if you can.

You can reach Alla at 8-905-541-40-98 (Russian) orl me, Francesca (English), at 8-926-371-32-52 or e-mail