Four Cute Puppies in Urgent Need of New Homes!


We are four (one of our brothers has been adopted) very cute puppies. We were born over the January holidays under a container in the yard of Allied Pickfords and have been living there with our Mom ever since. Our human friends that have been taking care of us think it's a miracle we survived the very cold weather that we've been having in the first weeks of our lives. Luckily, they found us quickly and made sure that our "home" was covered and insulated with lots of blankets and snow.

We are now about three months old and have been de-wormed and visited by vets Yuri & Valeria. We are in URGENT need of loving new homes as life on the streets is very dangerous. Unfortunately our "home" is right next to a small but busy street. For the first five weeks of our lives, the street was closed due to a water leakage, but at the end of last week it was once again opened to traffic and cars are again speeding by. As we are smart, we have learned how to climb through the fence and walk onto that street...

We are happy and healthy and love to play with everything we can get our paws on! Our Mom still lives with us and keeps us warm at night, but she does not feed us anymore as we have grown our first set of teeth :-)

We love Pedigree puppy food (wet and dry) and keep our home clean (we only do our big and small business outside). As we haven't had any bad experience with people yet, we still love them! Please help us keep it that way by adopting us and taking us into your hearts. If we stay on the street, we will certainly end up being hurt by people, other dogs or by cars as we grow up and may well end up as afraid of people as our Mom and her friends.

One of our brothers was adopted a few weeks ago, but we - three boys and one girl - are still looking for YOU.

Yuri & Valeria think that we will not grow bigger than our Mom, who is also in the photos below. So, if you are looking for a canine companion, pleeeeeeaze consider adopting one (or two?) of us. We have nowhere else to go, and our chances of surviving life on the street are very slim.

If you would like to meet us, please contact our friends Barbara (English, German, French & Russian) at 796-93-25 (work) or 763-00-12 (mobile) or e-mail , Tania (English, German, Italian & Russian) at 796-93-25 (work) or 8-916-902-87-57 or e-mail or call Valeria (English & Russian) at 200-03-88 or 8-501-439-39-56.

Here are our new photos (to see what we looked like in February, please click here.

Thank you!!!