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Hi!! My name is Barney. 


Kristina from NB Gallery rescued me on the Moscow metro a few weeks ago (Aug-03) and – as she has a cat and dog allergy – is looking for a great new home for me.


I am about a male Labrador-mix, about one year old, and I am almost completely black (my heads and paws have a slightly brown hue).


I am very joyful, lively, playful and extremely friendly and would love to live in a family with children! I am quite obedient and easy to train (I know the sit, lie down and some other commands) and I am toilet trained. I am very easy to get along with and promise that I will love my new owners dearly!


If you’d like to visit me, please contact Kristina at NB Gallery at 203-40-06, 737-52-98 (Tuesday through Sunday) or mobile 8-916-112-37-46. In Kristina’s absence you can also speak to Masha, Natasha, Anna and Nastya at the gallery.