Beskudnikovo Dog Shelter

We are turning to you because we need your help for the animals at the Beskudnikova shelter. This shelter is located at Signalny Proezd d.4 (please click here to see a Russian-language map) and is currently home to 105 dogs.  The animals are here for various reasons: Some were found on the street; some were left behind at the shelter’s doors; and yet others were put into the street by their owners. We are looking for people who are ready to help and whose hearts have not yet turned into stone.

We are looking for sponsors who would be willing to donate money for the purchase of food for this shelter.  Ideally, we would love to hear from people or organizations that would like to make a monthly donation so that we can purchase food on a regular basis.  The money can be paid directly to the organization selling the food and we will gladly provide you with their contact details.

You are of course also most welcome to adopt one of the great dogs or puppies this shelter, and volunteers who would like to help at the shelter are most welcome.

If you are interested, please contact Marina Arshinova (Russian) at Tel.: 8-916-55-444-33, e-mail: or the shelter (again in Russian) at Tel.: 514-33-89. 

English, German, and French-speakers can send an e-mail to – we will translate the message for you and will forward it to Marina.

The shelter’s own website (created by a 14-year-old child) is located at

"Syna", 3-months-old, blind puppy - maybe you have the heart to give him a loving home? His blindness should not keep him from leading a full and happy life, but he will need some special care. Please consider giving him a chance!

Judy, 6 years old


Alba, 1.5 years old

Dina-Lina, 7 months old

Grin, 4 months old

Ingus, 2 years old

Luna, 5 months old

Rex, 1.5 years old