BIM Shelter in Zhulebino

The fund is financed by private sponsors and donations of private persons. They have 4 territories. They started in 1986, and since that time they have helped more than 10 000 animals. Today they have in total 1500 dogs, 200 cats and other animals. They have their own veterinary service, and they also use the services of the medical clinics in Moscow in complicated cases.

The fund employees fight for the lives of each and every injured and damaged animal which gets to their shelter - and the animals survive! The chairman of the fund is Darya Taraskina. She is a very active and well known defendant of animals’ rights.

Concerning the conditions in the shelters, one of the shelters (the one they started with) is located in the Moscow region and has a territory of 4 hectares. It is the largest private shelter in Russia. On the territory of this shelter animals live in heated premises and there are fenced open air territories for them to walk. On the territory of their other shelter in Zhulebino only young dogs and sick dogs live in heated houses. All other dogs live in small regular dog houses, but supporters of the fund try to raise funding to install more heated dog houses which can accommodate 8-10 dogs each.

Concerning help to the Fund and its shelters – they gratefully accept all kinds of help – financial and material. Material help may include old woolen coats (they are used for making mats for animals to sleep on), metal plates for dog food (the plastic ones do not last long), and old and worn woolen pullovers (the dogs with short fur wear them in winter). For material help, the fund has a bank account, and donations can also be delivered to the shelters, or handed over to the fund representatives in Moscow.

And, visitors are welcome to all the BIM shelters at any time!

As an example of financial help, I have just completed a charity campaign in the Bank, raising money from employees for purchase of an additional dog house for their 4 hectare territory.

Their supporters hold similar campaigns from time to time on their page in Pes i Kot. This is an example:

And, here are some articles about BIM:

If you would like to help BIM, please contact Tanya Malkova at Tel.: 8-916-615-24-42 (English & Russian) or e-mail: