Blind Puppy Girl - Please help us find a new home!

We found this tiny puppy girl (2 months old) in the forest. Please help us find a new home for her! Unfortunately we cannot keep her, we already have one dog and I am expecting a baby. This cute little puppy is blind, but she has no problems whatsoever finding her way around – she uses smells and sounds do to that! She has already been vaccinated. We don't see that there could be any problems with this dog in the future; the only thing is that she should be kept on a leash when you take her for walks. She is very obedient, smart, full of live and very lovable!

For more information please contact Nastya (Russian) at Tel.: 171-21-39 or 8-903-728-50-61

В лесу нашли крошку щенка-девочку 2 мес. Помогите найти для нее добрых хозяев! Себе не можем оставить, уже есть собака + ожидается ребенок в семье. Девочка слепая, но ориентируется превосходно! По запахам и звукам! Уже привита. Проблем, кроме прогулок на поводке, не будет! Очень послушная, умненькая, жизнерадостная и ласковая.
Пожалуйста, помогите, Люди!

Tel.: 171-21-39 или 8-903-728-50-61 Настя