Five Little Puppies Urgently Need New Homes

There are 5  adorable puppies who are desperately looking for a home.  They are currently being taken care of by a 10 year-old girl, but they need to find a permanent home soon (before it gets too cold for them!).  

1 female puppy has black head and white bodies.  Her body has a few black spots to give her personality  (see photo) , and she loves to have her belly rubbed.  2 of the puppies have shiny black coats and look just like black labs.  Their mother was not very big, and these playful animals will probably be medium-sized.  Finally, there are 2 puppies who are black and brown (see photo).  They are very shy and are looking for a sensitive owner to be their companion.  

The puppies are no older than 5 months.  This is the perfect time to provide them with a home of their own.

For information, please call Margarita (english-speaking) at 8-903-743-38-75 or Margarita (Russian speaking 10 years old) at 395-15-07.