Hi, my new name is Fausto.

I am an adorable black Cocker Spaniel. Apparently my previous owners didn't want me anymore and left me tied up outside a supermarket in central Moscow with some food yesterday (Sunday, June 12th). Luckily a kind expat family that was walking their own dog found me there and picked me up after I had spent six hours waiting for my owners to come back (they never did).

I was taken to Katya's dog shelter and Katya took me the vet immediately. They are not quite sure how old I am, but I am definitely not very young and also not very old. After some tests they found that I - like most Cocker Spaniels - have some ear problems which Katya (who is very nice, by the way) has already started to treat. I also have problems with my eyes and there seems to be something wrong with my heart, but more tests have to be done next week to determine what kind of medication I will need to treat the condition. My teeth are in excellent condition (I'm missing a tooth or two but that is not a problem) and it looks like they were cleaned recently.

One thing I can promise you is that I am very friendly and like people and other dogs. If you would like to meet me and to give me a second chance, please call Katya at 916-45-56 (Russian only) or Barbara (English, Russina, German) at 763-00-12.

Many thanks for your attention!

Fausto the Cocker Spaniel