Original Information, June 2006
Hi! Please consider taking me home. I am a very friendly, playful, and outgoing female puppy and would be a great playmate for children and get along well with other dogs. I was rescued from the street a short while ago, am a few months old and weigh about 8-10 pounds. You will never be lonely with me around because I will follow you everywhere! I love attention and always feel at home immediately wherever I am. I have been de-wormed and have no fleas and will receive my vaccinations soon.

Updated Information, September 2006 Julie is still looking for a home. She has grown to the size of Finnish spitz, beautiful red with black snout, teeth changed, almost toilet-trained, wants to love and be loved. She knows basic commands and is very obedient. In the evenings she always tried to lie down next to me, I was ironing last night, and she crawled up on me, and put her head and paw on my foot. Ideally she needs a family with another dog, or someone who stays at home a good part of the day. She is a perfect companion dog. New photos will be available soon. Please contact Nina at 783-88-86 (work) or e-mail to give me a home.