Thirteen Little Puppies on Ulitsa Lobachevskovo

Hello animal friends,

I have found a mother dog with 13 little puppies on Lobachevskovo Ulitsa.  They are living under some cardboard boxes and I have been feeding them with a mix made from oatmeal, dog food (dry and canned) and hot water. They seem to like it.  

The puppies are very friendly and can be touched/picked up. I think that they are no older than 4-5 weeks. Some of them are very small, and some are almost twice as big. They are lovely and I would be thrilled if at least some of them found new homes!

I am also looking for someone in my neighborhood who can feed them for a few days - I will be out of town for a week in two weeks time (over the fall school holidays).  If you live on or near Ulitsa Lobachevskovo / Olympic Village and can help feed the dogs while I’m away (I would pay for the food) or would like to adopt one of these adorable little dogs, please contact me, Susanna (German & English) at Tel.: 8-926-613-53-61 or e-mail: