Amazing Dog Urgently Needs a New Home

We found this amazing dog (a girl) outside our office/warehouse on Tuesday morning, October 9. She was very friendly and seemed hungry and lost, so we fed her and took her inside for the day, where she immediately fell asleep on one of our emergency dog beds. She spent all day inside and only took a little break playing with a neighborhood puppy that came to visit.

It immediately became clear to us that this was not a stray dog - she knew commands such as sit, stay, and give paw and she was very clean and looked healthy. Unfortunately we could not keep her inside our office overnight, so we had to put her back onto the street at night. We built a makeshift dog house from cardbord boxes for her and put a blanket and food inside in the hope that she would use it and would still be there the next morning so that we could figure out how to help her, but she left.

We bougt a collar for her, but she did not show up on Wednesday or Thursday. On Friday morning, she was back! She had gone straight into the warehouse and was sitting on the blanket we had left there for her! She was thrilled to see us and we took her back into our office straight away where she greeted everyone with kisses and lots of paw giving. We put the collar on her and she seemed to be used to wearing one. She again spent all day inside, with the exception of a few walks in our little patch of "garden".

As the work day grew closer to its end and we still didn't know what to do with her, one of my colleagues agreed to take her home over the weekend so we transported her to Yuzhnoye-Butovo in the evening. She jumped into the car straight away and we are sure that she has been transported before. When we arrived at her temporary residence, she got out of the car and followed my colleague and her husband home on a lead without any problems.

On Sunday, October 14, we had Natasha from Movet come to take a look at her. According to Natasha, the dog is in good health and shape. She is ca. 1 year old, which confirmed our initial thought that she must be quite young as she is very playful. She had a slight limp, which we thought could be the result of a minor accident she had sustained while having been on the street, but it turned out that someone had shot her! She had a bullet lodged in one of her paws, and luckily it hadn't gone into her tissues very far so Natasha was able to remove it. The wound is small and should be fully healed in a short time.

The girl behaved very well during her weekend stay, but as both my colleague and her husband work, they cannot keep her. We have now made arrangements to board this beautiful dog with a dog border in central Moscow (Ulitsa Sretenka), but at RUR 400 per day we won't be able to afford this for a long time, so we really hope that one of you will fall in love with this girl and will want to give her a permanent new home!

She could be a Collie mix, but nobody knows for sure. All we can say is that this is an extremely friendly and affectionate young dog that should be absoutely fine in a family with children and/or other pets (we don't know about cats, but she was very good with our neighbors' puppy when she came to visit on Tuesday and Friday)! This is a just above mid-sized dog that is clearly used to living inside a home and being loved and cuddled! She would not be suitable as a guard dog and would most likely not be happy unless she had lots of company.

We have no idea how she got to our warehouse - we are not located in a residential area and she was not wearing a collar, so the only possibility seems to be that someone dropped her off in our neighborhood to get rid of her, which is beyond our comprehension. It looks like she got shot during the two days (Wednesday & Thursday) she spent on the street. Unfortunately, we have had such problems before with some of the stray dogs and puppies that live near our warehouse.

If you would like to meet this wonderful dog, please call Barbara (763-00-12, English, German & Russian) or vets Yuri & Valeria (8-901-539-39-56 - English & Russian) or send an e-mail to