Little Mashka was resuced in early November. She had been found by some guards at a warehouse close to ours in southern Moscow and they had decided to keep her. However, they were unable to care for her properly and with her extremely friendly disposition, Mashka was clearly not fit to become a guard dog. The guards kept her in a small box outside their "budka" at night on a chain and let her run loose during the day. Their territory is right next to a big street with speeding cars and trucks and it was only a matter of time before something would have happened to this adorable little girl.

She would come to our warehouse for company and warmth during the day, but each night we had to return her to her "owners" who put her on the chain again. This was clearly no way for her to live and the guards gladly handed her over to us as they agreed that they did love her but would no be able to provide proper care and proper housing or food for her.

Mashka is about 4-5 months old now. She is very friendly with people and other dogs. She should not be very big when she is grown up. She is very lively and will need lots of care and play time as well as some training. When we had her, she would walk on a lead and had no problem accepting this, but right now she is not being taken for walks so you may have to teach her again. She loves toys and travels well by car - when we took her to the shelter (ca. 1 hour by car), she sat on my lap and looked out the window inbetween giving me wet doggy kisses.

If you are interested in adopting Mashka, please call Ekaterina (Russian only) at 916-45-56, Valeria (English & Russian - this is our vet's wife, she has met Mashka at the shelter) at 8-901-539-39-56, or Barbara (English, Russian & German) at 763-00-12.