Modest is a very quiet and, as his name says, modest puppy. He is a bit shy but very loving. He is about 7 months old and right now is 50 cbm tall. Most likely he will not grow much taller than he is now.

When you see this dog, you immedateily want to hug and comfort him.

Modest is a very sweet and and innocent little dog, and we really hope that he will very soon find a new, loving owner.

You are more than welcome to visit Modest at Katya's dog shelter, which is located in the city center. If you speak Russian, you can call Katya directly at 916-45-56. If you don't, please feel free to call Valeria (English & Russian) at 8-901-539-39-56 (mobile) or Barbara (English, German & French) at 763-00-12 to make an appointment.