Matryoshka (Motik)

(Description & characterization kindly provided by dog trainer Astrid Berghaus)

I first met Motik in September 2008. She was quite shy, not used to walking on a leash or to be touched by strangers and she was not used to going outside at all. It took me several weeks until she trusted me so much that she would follow me on a leash and out onto the streets.

At first, all of this was new to her and she tried to run away from everything. But soon she started enjoying the walks a lot and now she immediately runs to the door as soon as I arrive at the shelter.

How to characterize her personality: she is very friendly to everybody but still a little bit shy when she first meets new people. Motik knows how to walk on a leash; can do her business outside and loves to go for walks. She knows children and is friendly to them, has got a lot of self control (she can wait for her treat until she gets permission to take it :-). And she is keen to learn new tricks.

She doesn’t mind who is taking the other end of the leash – she loves to walk with everybody. When she meets new dogs she is friendly to them. If they bark at her, she prefers to leave the scene and enjoy her life somewhere else where there are no aggressive dogs.

Inside the apartment, she knows when there is no time to pet her; she then goes to her place, lies down and patiently waits.

Motik is now approximately 3 years old and is waiting for a new home where she can enjoy her life together with loving owners.

Motik has been sterilized, vaccinated (April 2008 & April 2009) and miro chipped!

Kind regards to everybody Astrid.

If you would like to meet Motik, please call Katia (Russian only) at (+7 495) 916-45-56 or write to (English, Russian, German, French).