Hi there!  My name is Muktar (male). 

I am approximately 9 years old. I'm used to having other dogs around me (especially puppies, don't know why they always do this to me). I am a very quiet and friendly dog and love attention. I haven't had my own private owner for years. In fact I don't remember ever having had one, although Ekaterina has been taking great care of me over the past couple of years! I would love to go to a new home. Oh, and I've been fixed, if you know what I mean...
PS. Barbara Spier has known me for quite some time and can confirm that I am very nice.

Я - Мухтар. Мне 9 лет. Я уже не дерусь с собаками. Я спокоен и дружелюбен. У меня нет хозяина, но мне очень хочется, что бы он у меня был. От себя мы можем добавить, что Мухтар очень симпатичный, ласковый пес. И еще, он кастрирован.