Hi there, Rem here!

Up until a little while ago, I spent my days and nights tied up to a camping mobile. There were some people around, but they did not love me. Sometimes I was fed with leftovers, but nobody really cared for me. Everything changed when I met Lena, who is really nice and loves dogs. She visited me everyday to feed me and to spend some time with me. Lena felt really bad about my situation, but as she works full-time and only has a very small apartment, she could not take me home. She could, however, also not bear the thought of me having to spend the winter on the street and found me a temporary (paid) home at a dog shelter just outside of town.

I am really friendly and I love people!!! According to Lena and the people at the shelter, I am a young boy and in good health (ears, teeth etc. are in perfect condition). I love to play and know how to give you my paw. I am not aggressive in any way and would make a great family dog.

The shelter is okay, better than being tied up to the camper, but I am a people’s dog and would very much like to find a permanent new home with a family that will love me, cuddle me, and play with me!

The people at the shelter have already de-wormed me, and I will soon be vaccinated and will have my very own pet passport. The shelter is located in the village of Lobnya, Krasnaya Polyana, Ulitsa Gaidara d.4

If you would like to meet me, please contact my rescuer, Lena (Russian) Sologubova, at Tel.: 8-916-590-44-65 (mobile) or e-mail

If you do not speak Russian, you can also contact Barbara Spier (English, German, French) at Tel.: 763-00-12 (mobile) or e-mail – Barbara works next door to Lena and can help translate for you.