My name is Ryzhulya. I was born somewhere in Moscow in July 2006. In September 2006, my sister, two brothers (one of them is Bobik) and I were apparently dropped off by someone in a yard in southern Moscow. Nobody knows where we came from, we were just there one morning, without our mother. As nobody had every seen us anywhere in the neighborhood before, we must been brought there from somewhere else.

We were really cute, and soon kind people started feeding us and giving us water every day. They also brought us toys to play with and made sure we had cardboard boxes as the nights were getting colder and colder. There were some other puppies in the same neighborhood and we wanted to make friends with them, but the people in-between our place and the place the other puppies lived in didn't want us (or any dogs, for that matter) and started killing our new friends, one by one. Some of us were shot, some were poisoned. My brother Bobik, for example, ended up with a bullet in his spine which was successfully removed by a very nice surgeon; Bobik was later adopted and recently moved to the US with his new family and cat friend - you can visit the Happy Endings page to see a recent photo of Bobik in his new home.

My little sister unfortunately did not survive - we think she was poisoned. The vet's couldn't help her and she died. After more and more of our new friends started disappearing, dying, or turning up dead with bullet wounds in their heads and bodies, the three of us who remained were rescued and taken to Katia's shelter. As I already said, Bobik was adopted from the shelter after he recovered from his surgery, and my gray bother is currently staying at a shelter outside of town to get some fresh air.

As for me, I've been at shelter ever since and unfortunately the other dogs I was sharing a room with didn't really like me and kept attacking me so I had to be moved several times and had to spend time in the kitchen and even the bathroom to keep me safe. I am really friendly and like people and crave attention! I have been neutered, vaccinated (April 2008 & April 2009) and micro chipped and am ready to go to MY OWN home.

In late September 2008, I met my new friend Astrid Berghaus. Astrid is a vet, she is from Germany and spent the past several years in Prague with her family where she started training dogs. The first time she visited me she said I did really well for a dog that's not been trained and has never been outside (was I proud when I heard that!) and I even followed her into the staircase at the end of my first training session. I now LOVE going for walks, it's so much FUN!!! You can read her description of me below!

If you would like to meet Ryzhulya, please call Katia (Russian only) at (+7 495) 916-45-56 or write to (English, Russian, German, French).

Here is a characterization of Ryzhulya, kindly provided by dog trainer Astrid Berghaus)

Together with Motik and TJ I met Rhyzulka and Mochalkin. I was told that Rhyzulka was scared of everything, hiding underneath the bath tub, only lately she had found a friend in the shelter - TJ. But she wasn’t scared of me at all. In fact, she was very interested in my treats and not scared of being put on the leash. And indeed she was immediately able to walk on the leash, no hesitating, no pulling or trying to escape - nothing at all! During our first lesson, she already followed me into the staircase and the next lesson down the stairs and out onto the street - it was unbelievable! How to describe her character: she needs lot of attention, she absolutely loves to be in body contact, if she could decide she would have body contact all the time. Grooming her is absolutely no problem – she loves being brushed or cleaned or whatever else must be done to be a pretty red lady. She knows how to walk on the leash but she also tries to find out whether the other end of the leash knows that as well ? Ruzhylka is a very clever dog, always keen to get treats. I think that Ryzhulka’s future owner should have previous experience with dogs as she will be a challenge in the beginning. She must learn that there is time for her on the on hand, but that there is also a time where she has to wait patiently. But I am convinced that she will learn that soon with consistent training.

Here are some of Ryzhulya's photos: