Shannon & Liffey

We found these lovely, now ca. 5-6-months-old girls when we walked our dogs on October 22 and they have been living in our garden ever since. We have called them Shannon and Liffey.

They are very sweet and good-natured. We immediately bathed them with anti-flea shampoo and they are healthy.

Since they have been with us, we have brought them to agility classes (at the end of November, in the freezing cold, outside!!) and they were great! The man who trained them was the Official Trainer of the Russian Agility team, and he said they'd both be terrific agility dogs.

We will have them vaccinated so they only need to be spayed, and they are just perfect. Loving, intelligent, house trained, good at the leash (we are bringing them to the park to get them used to people and other dogs, as they are still a bit shy, more than shy, insecure, but that, with a lot of affection will be overcome).

As we already have several dogs and several cats of our own, unfortunately we cannot keep adopt them so we hope to find loving new homes for them both. If you would like to meet Shannon and Liffey, please contact Carmen (English and Spanish) at Tel.: 680-36-82 or 680-69-11. In case I am not there, please ask for Jenny (English) or Maria Lucia (English and Spanish). If there is no answer at those numbers, please call the reception of the Irish Embassy at Tel.: 937-59-11 and ask for Marina (extension 300) or Natasha (extension 315) if you would like to meet these two lovely puppies!