TJ ("Tolsty Junior")


My name is TJ ("Tolsty Junior"). I was born on the streets of Moscow in the fall of 2006 and am not about three and a half years old. I was one of a litter of four and while my Mom took excellent care of us for many months, we were eventually left on our own and started exploring the neighborhood. Out of the four of us, only one of my sisters and I were tame, and unfortunately she was killed by a speeding car in May 2007.

I was injured quite badly (either in a dog fight or by a person) at the beginning of July 2007 and was taken to the vet with a big wound on one of my hind legs and from there went straight to Katia's dog shelter. My rescuers put a collar and lead on me and I behaved very well both in the car and at the vet clinic and even walked up the first two flight of stairs to my temporary shelter. I am now a very healthy and lovely boy, mid-sized and definitly have some Shepherd blood in me (just judging by my looks, not my character - I am really friendly and love everyone!).

As I am a very sociable dog, I would like to live with a family (not with a single person) that has lots of time to play with and cuddle me. I would probably not be very happy if I had to spend most days on my own... I should be okay with other dogs since I've always been around other dogs. I would also very much like to live in a house or apartment - I am not a guard dog! Oh, and I am very smart and a fast learner!

I have been neutered (December 2007), vaccinated (April 2008 & April 2009) and micro chipped and have my own pet passport! I enjoy going for walks. At the moment, I am staying at Katya's dacha with some of my shelter friends, enjoying the fresh air and big garden, but I can travel to Moscow any time, or you can visit me at the dacha!!!

It would be great if someone would adopt me as soon as possible so that I can have my own home and my own family.

P.S.: If I trust you, I will do (almost) anything for you!

If you would like to meet me, please call Katia (Russian only) at (+7 495) 916-45-56 or write to me at (English, Russian, German, French).

Yours, TJ

P.S.: Below are some photos of me, hope you'll like them! The first two were taken at the dacha (just outside Moscow) in February 2010 when some of my friends visited me - I was soooo happy to see everyone!