Sweet Rescued Dog Aika is Looking for a New Home

Dear all,

PLEASE, help to find a family for a temporarily adopted dog. A young she-dog (now ca. 1 year old - February 2007) spent some days hiding at stairs and lift of our building, trying to shrink into a very little unnoticeable creature and rejecting food. People say she was kicked out by a couple of alcoholics, who kept her for some months. The dog was awfully thin and with a lot of bruises on stomach and paws. As it was hard to step over a quietly dying skeleton, we took her home in July. She cried all the first night, so we brought her to the Vet Academy in Kuzminki, being scared her inside was pretty damaged. Examination showed she is OK, the bruises would go down soon, just immune system is weakened, but she is treated now with injections. In spite of an evidently awful childhood, she appeared to be a normal tender and sociable young animal - just very timid. It seems pre-owners prohibited her to bark, to play, to eat, and were too lazy to walk with her in the street, so the street is quite a stress for her. She just flies out to make all the things quickly and flies back to the house. But we hope natural curiosity will improve that.

Months of prison with irresponsible outcasts made her unable to survive in the street, so she has no traces of breed but is a completely homey dog. We cannot keep her for more than a couple of weeks as we have 2 pretty big dogs. The third one is too much for such a little flat. She would not be big, 40-45 cm height at the shoulder, grey-sandy color, stand-up ears, slim, loving, smart. We gave ads to the newspapers, but dogs with such an ordinary appearance are never welcome, and it is pretty hard to make a photo of a suffering affectionate heart, which still hopes. Since we took her home, she has gotten much better! Below are some new photos - now it is not a little terrified skeleton, but naughty (as all kids) shiny and graceful dog, just timid on the street.

And we still hope too! If you are interested in adopting this wonderful and special dog, please contact Tatiana (English & Russian) at Tel.: 8-910-481-89-95 or 354-20-43, e-mail: E-mail: