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We need your help!!












   The original design costs and hosting costs of this website have been kindly donated to us by The Mayhew Animal Home and whilst we are dedicated to supporting all recognised charities for animals in Moscow, funds are desperately needed to support the ongoing operational costs of these shelters, which include food, veterinary treatment, vaccinations and the neutering operation required for each animal before it goes to its new home.   


NEW!!! - We now have a completely secure online donation facility which routes donations through The Mayhew Animal Home and then feeds through to us here in Moscow. All major credit cards are accepted and donations can of course be fully confirmed to you in writing if you wish. Just click on the donations image on the right and you'll be taken to Mayhew's website. If you'd like to discuss this option of making a donation please email .  Just by way of example here's an idea of what we tend to spend the donations on:

  • Towels and blankets

  • Food bowls

  • Animal food

  • Beds

  • Cleaning equipment

  • Cages and baskets

If you would like to support our work, here are just some of the ways you can do so:

  • Make a financial donation.

  • Offer your time and directly assist one of the shelters as a volunteer. 

  • Donate food or toys for the shelters, or any of the above items.

  • Organise a fundraising event such as a sponsored dog walk, a sponsored fun run, a quiz night or a charity auction.

  • Display one of our collection boxes in your office or reception ( us for more info)

  • Sponsor a dog or a cat for a set period or until it is homed

The cost of caring for each animal varies considerably depending upon species, veterinary treatment required, length of stay at the shelter and similar factors but, averaging out all the costs incurred over a full year for each cat and dog, the monthly cost for each individual dog is about 900 Roubles / US $ 30 and for a cat is 500 Roubles / US $ 16.   Email us for more details if you wish. 


This is Plushka. He's blind in one eye, and deaf in an ear and has been in the shelter for several years now. Could you help him?


spare cages


blankets, sheets, all appreciated


food bowls

"We need all the help you can give"


cleaning materials


Money to buy medicine


It's just no fun being a stray

For example, Tatyana Sorokina writes below of a a dog shelter she works at in Khamovniki which needs your help. 

Khamovniki shelter in Moscow

"We've have got about 70 dogs, most of which were found after car and train accidents on dangerous streets of our city or have been abused by people.  After being treated they are kept in cages and especially need medicine and plastic baskets. While I suppose most of you are not able to adopt them, perhaps you can support at least one dog by providing her/him with a basket (ca. 450 RUR – c. $15) or some food.  I would thank you for any support.

 Warm regards,

Tatyana Sorokina

Switchboard +7 (501) 258-5050


Sick dogs

Cramped conditions

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