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Peter & Liz Bryan and Cat Malyshka (2003)

Peter Bryan and Malysh


In a moment of madness as I returned from the bread stall this afternoon I noticed a tiny stray kitten that nearly got run over by a passing car. I reached down and contrary to the behaviour of all cats I've ever known - it approached me!  

And then the next weird thing happened - I found myself picking it up and walking home. It goes without saying that I think both kitten and Peter were pretty unsure at that moment!  As Liz opened the door I showed her the fresh bread I had in one hand and the tiny kitten I had in the other. We laughed and set about feeding this tiny creature who had no name.  

Oh my, what have I done?

Thankfully she's learned where the litter tray was pretty quickly and despite a smelly bottom and huge appetite settled in pretty quickly. It must have thought to itself - "God - I've hit it big time - if only mama could see me now - cor she'd be pleased!"   

We haven't told our landlord yet - God I hope he hasn't dialed into this site!  Alexander - do you mind?  Come on look at that little face!

We've named her Malyshka incidentally, which means "Little one" in Russian. Imaginative I know, although I was tempted by "Kitty"!  I guess now she's got a name she'll be hanging around for a while!!

An update (11th Oct) I think is required on this new tiny kitten that I rescued last week and that now commands all of my attention (and dare I say more and more of my money). 

The vets came round last night and the big news is that Malyshka is actually .........wait for it...... A BOY!!!!!   So I've changed her name by depoll to " Malysh " and informed all the cats in the local area :-)Poor thing - I've been calling it a girl this last week - it must have been mortified, let alone confused by it's new eccentric owner.

Anyway the main thing is she is perfectly healthy - albeit a tad thin.  I've received lots of really good advice about to look after her - or HIM!! - they think he's about 6 weeks old and told me that I am now his papa - so I'll have to clean his bottom and keep him warm like her mama would have!  He had a little infection in his bottom which was sorted out and he was given pills for any possible worms.   At first he was very scared of these two new people in the apartment, hiding behind the sofa (just like they do in the films!) but he quickly warmed to them and thankfully he was give the all clear right across the board! What's more we had lots of detailed conversation as well about his faces which I won't go into here and now.

What a palava!  But he is very cute. Currently, as I type this, he's lying on my neck - behind my head, purring gently. Thankfully also the smelly bottom is no more.   I shall begin investing for school fees some time now......