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Christina McLaren and Kitten Chiara

Hello, my name is Kiara , well at least that's the name my adoptive family call me. I'm sure I must have had a Russian one, but I was only six weeks old when a very kind lady called Barbara rescued me and my family off the streets of Moscow . Since then I have moved into a nice, warm apartment with four humans; the two children are very nice and give me breakfast and dinner each day. I sometimes drive the lady human crazy when I dig up all her plants and make a dreadful mess on her floor, but she forgives me and then I do it all over again! I sit on the window sill a lot and watch some funny white stuff falling from the sky which I try very hard to catch with my paws, but something gets in the way and I never seem to catch any! I also like to bite this long furry thing that follows me around everywhere, but when I give it a nibble it hurts, I think the humans call it my tail. I have lots of toys to play with and have had great fun shredding my play mouse which I chase all over the apartment until it goes underneath the settee and I cry till someone fetches it out for me. Mostly I like all the cuddles and kisses that the two children give me and I cry when they go to bed as I love to curl up with them and go to sleep, but that's not allowed. I think that I'm a very lucky kitten as there are lots of other cats on the streets who are abandoned, cold and hungry and should anyone read this who could give a home to help others like me, then please contact