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Lois Mirkowksi & Cats Vassya and Tuzik

I don't have any photos to send at this point, but I can say that I am happy that I was able to rescue my two kitties, Vassya and Tuzik.

Vassya, an adult mixed-breed cat who looks like a purebred Siberian, was literally tossed into the apartment of an elderly woman who never refuses to provide shelter to needy cats. As soon as he realised that he was sharing his space with 25 other cats, he panicked and ran under the bathtub, where he remained for a full week, never coming out even to eat. By the time I received him, he was dirty and underweight. We cleaned him up right away and, within a few weeks of serious eating, he was back in shape again. Best of all, Vassya's loving personality became apparent within moments, and we have been enjoying each other's company ever since.

I found Tuzik, a mixed-breed kitten whose beautiful coat makes everyone think he is part Russian Blue, at the bus-stop near my apartment building one cold night this past November. He was approximately four months old at the time and, besides freezing, he was suffering from thirst, hunger, and eye infection, and an infestation of fleas and worms. His eye infection was so bad that, in the weak light on the street, he looked like a one-eyed cat. Once he was provided with a little warmth, water, food, and veterinary care, however, a sweet and healthy kitten emerged (with both eyes intact!), and now Vassya has an energetic and fun-loving playmate to keep him busy.